Our Restaurant

The Usual is Chef Alvin Cailan's first sit down restaurant in NYC. He has always had a love for New York since he grew up visiting family in Jersey. After becoming a chef, running a restaurant in New York was a dream of his. He was finally given an opportunity to run a pop up in Soho which convinced him he can make it in this city. He and his family decided to open in the Nolita area where he could cook food and become a small part of the wonderful neighborhood.

Alvin is most known for his restaurant in Los Angeles, CA called Eggslut. He first opened as a food truck but Eggslut has since expanded to other locations including The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.

Alvin has since become most known for being the host of The Burger Show which is shown on YouTube and made by First we Feast. His burgers are quite delicious and have become a staple in the Nolita neighborhood.

Our Staff

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Christian Natividad  - Chef de Cuisine
Christian was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He was one of Alvin's first interns back on the Eggslut truck. He fell in love with the culinary world and eventually went to the same culinary school Alvin attended in Portland, OR. After culinary school he moved to New York to pursue his career. Years later, he and Alvin work alongside each other again while creating new recipes that remind them of home and of their Filipino culture.

Jeremy Mitra - Kitchen Manager
Jeremy was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He started his culinary career at Alvin's restaurant in LA, Unit 120. Jeremy learned his fundamentals there and looked up to many other chefs who were hosting their pop ups at Unit 120. He also helped cook at Amboy, Alvin's Filipino take out restaurant. After Unit 120 closed he moved on to work at Tinfoil in Highland Park. He was eventually convinced to pursuing more in New York and now helps run the line at The Usual.

Neighborhood Blurb

Next to the J, Z, R, W and the 6, we are situated on that nice little street some call Kenmare. Placed nicely between those people that yell Italian menus at you as you stroll through Nolita and that pleasant fish smell that always seems to linger throughout Chinatown.

Come through!